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Love !

As an entrepreneur I’m loving the show. Keep going l!


Love this Podcast!

Love the Episode with Javier

Give us more episodes together as a couple !

You’re Podcast has helped me become headstrong during 2022

You continue to impress!! Every week I’m excited to hear from you and all the amazing guest that share valuable knowledge and inspire me to be headstrong! Can’t wait to see what else you have in the works!

Fun and Motivational

Danielle is a great host. She asks insightful questions and really does her research, you can tell by the quality of conversation. There is so much actionable advice that comes out of her episodes. Highly recommended!

Uplifting and positive!

I like the questions Danielle asks. I like how a lot of people are interested in starting their own businesses and Danielles knowledge of LinkedIn has helped them with that. It’s motivating to me. I’m a proud subscriber.

So Much Motivation!

I love listening to Danielle all the great guests on this show. I feel like I’m sitting in a room listening to friends talk which is much needed in this COVID world!

Insightful, Fun & Motivational

I was recently a guest on Danielle's podcast entitled "How to Become a Model". I am a professional, agency signed model and author and I was honored to be able to share the insights of the industry to help aspiring models. Truth be told, I was never previously really into podcasts until after being a guest on her series. The conversation was light and free-flowing and her questions were well thought out to what a guest would be inclined to ask themselves. She is full of life and our conversations were filled with laughter, learning lessons about the modeling industry and self-confidence. I highly recommend listening while in the car or doing laundry to pass the time in a positive manner. I ended the podcast having a new sense of accomplishment and energy.

Enthusiastic & Exciting Podcast for people who want to be on top of their game!!!

Danielle is such a great interviewer who bring enthusiasm and exciting questions to her audience! She has such a great heart and passion to help seeing people succeed. Her dedication to produce high quality episodes shows her committment to being headstrong!


Danielle is awesome! Such a natural at getting the most out of her guest on the show. Enjoyed speaking and listening to her. She really does her homework!

Danielle is such a great host!

I love Danielle’s positivity and overall outlook on life and how to achieve goals. It’s hard not to feel her positivity radiating through each episode! Not only is she positive but she really lives what she talks about and it’s always cool to be able to see that someone isn’t just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. This podcast will definitely help you cultivate the mindset shift you are looking for!

Love the positivity!

It’s so refreshing to have a podcast that has a fresh perspective on building a better life for ourselves. I enjoyed being a guest on the show. Danielle is a great interviewer!


Danielle is great and such a natural at getting the most out of her guest. It is such a joy to listen to her podcast.


Love how positive and uplifting Danielle is.