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Oct. 26, 2020

Fall in Love with the Process

Fall in Love with the Process

Katie Sonier is an American personal fitness Coach, who is famed across social media for her tall, lean, sculpted physique and intense training methods. She is famous for her Handstands and how she incorporates them into her workouts. 

 She has her own business called Train with Katy where she works with thousands of people across the world & Her own Gym Katie Sonier Gym in Miami Florida. 

Her social media continues to grow every day. She had over 420k followers and her videos constantly go viral because she is lifting such heavy weight, and making it look easy. 

 Throughout our conversation we speak about 

Overcoming insecurities

Gaining confidence, and

Inspiring others.

Connect with Katie

IG- @katiesonier & @katiesonierfitness



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