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March 28, 2022

The Power of Making Valuable Connections - Durran Cage

The Power of Making Valuable Connections - Durran Cage

Durran Cage has spent more than 20 years in the Auto Industry. His unique qualifications include serving as an OEM District Sales Manager, High-Performance Internet Director and GSM, led a team of consultants for one of the largest vendors in the automotive industry, and 3 years ago he took the leap into entrepreneurship as the founder of Cage Automotive.  Through Cage Campus and Cage Automotive, Durran along with his team has the drive and passion to reach farther and impact greater to leave everything better than he found it.

Founding Cage Automotive--a company that strives to leave everything better than they found it through their product or service. Durran is passionate about this mission and along with his team works hard every day driven by their drive to impact greater throughout auto markets worldwide.

Away from work, Durran enjoys spending time with his wife Paige(the fearless leader in his home that makes this all possible), and his 4 children Alexander, Preston-James, Addison and Connor. Hobbies include playing basketball, hitting golf balls in the backyard, bowling, and reading books.

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