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Feb. 13, 2022

Probability & Repetition with The Walden's

Probability & Repetition with The Walden's

The newlyweds are back and ready for a jam packed episode. 


Javier & Danielle talk about their recent marriage, moving across the country, gender roles in relationships, and how to be a power couple. 


The Walden's posted on social media to ask what questions did people want to hear them answer. 


You don't want to miss this discussion as they have never shared many of these details publicly before. 


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Danielle [00:00:01] Hey Everybody, welcome to another episode of the Headstrong podcast I'm your favorite host, Danielle Mills Walden, 


Javier [00:00:07] and I'm your second favorite host Javier Walden. 


Danielle [00:00:10] We are the Walden's and we are so excited to be with you today to go over a lot of different things. This has been a highly requested episode, getting the two of us together, right? 


Javier [00:00:20] 100 percent. 


Danielle [00:00:21] So let's just dive in. I feel like a lot of people want to know what's married life like, how is everything been going on? Kind of. Let's talk a little bit about that. How have things been for you ever since we've gotten married? 


Javier [00:00:34] I mean, it's awesome. You know, it seems like I'm coming home to a lot more love and care. A lot more home cooked meals, right? No complaints at all. 


Danielle [00:00:47] Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of people who have been dating for a really long time and they, you know, haven't made that plunge to go into marriage. But I can honestly say that I really feel like it's different. A lot of people ask us what has changed since we've been married or what feels different, and for the longest, we've always been like, it's the same because we've been, you know, dating for five, six plus years. And now I can honestly say there is a difference. It feel like there is another level of connection, another level of commitment. And another area that I think that we really want to dove into is what do you do before even getting married, like making sure that you're really on the same page? 


Javier [00:01:26] Yeah. And so I mean, I think that is important for you, and I love where we went into marriage marriage counseling or premarital counseling, rather. So, you know, not only do we enjoy these sessions, but he did it a lot for us. We were able to kind of put some things on the table that maybe we knew or didn't know about one another. And then, you know, whatever those times where we need to address, we're both kind of aligned on them like, you know, out the gate prior to like tying the knot. And just to be like a little bit more specific there. There's certain things you say the whining on your end of your finances, intimacy and even family dynamics, right? So it was really a good exercise for us. 


Danielle [00:02:05] Yeah, I think another couple of topics that we definitely talked about was like, You know, how do you discipline your kids or what are the roles? And you know, what roles do you have within your relationship as far as like, who's going to do certain things money? There are so many different things, but honestly, I could say that what I was the most proud about was when we went into the marriage counseling. So many of the items that Pastor Robert kind of brought up to us that we kind of talked through. We had already been aligned on beforehand. And I think a lot of couples struggle with that. 


Javier [00:02:39] Yeah, I mean, we've been kind of building up to this, right? And so it's definitely like a journey is a process. But in due time, if it's with the right person, you're going to align and things kind of work out. 


Danielle [00:02:52] Yeah. And you know, a lot of couples, you know, they ask us questions, you know, how do you know if you should move forward with somebody? How do you know if you're really aligned, you know? What kind of advice would you give? You know, some of your bachelor friends who, you know, maybe are dating right now. Maybe they, you know, they're in serious relationships, but they haven't taken that next step of engagement, even like, what are some things that were really important to you before you decided to get on one knee and, you know, get engaged even, 


Javier [00:03:22] you know, so like, we've all got our own framework, right? And I've got my own framework or my own principles. And for me, it's it's probability and repetition. And so it relates to probably much every area of my life. And I guess the spin off there is, you know, when you're with someone or you kind of go into that trial period like you're going to face obstacles and then you measure the success rate of, you know, how you're able to overcome those obstacles, objections, et cetera. And I think you and I, we have like a multitude of experiences where we went to the test two times, right? It's kind of those things that are mentally, I tell you apart, what actually brings you closer together? You know, how do you work together and accomplish things that feel like it's tough because it's definitely going to happen, right? Especially when you start tying kids and everything else and then, you know, as you continue to scale and grow. So my advice to any of my, my bachelor friends, then when you're dating or have you guys my age are seriously interested in? I'd say, honestly, just make sure that you continue to stick, stick with things and give things a chance. Give things a shot. Don't just bow out because gets tough in the moment. Really put in your effort to try to make things work. 


Danielle [00:04:39] Yeah. And it's kind of piggyback off of what you're saying, you know, something that definitely came up in our marriage counseling, but something I've always tried to to think about whenever there is like a disagreement or know we're not seeing something the same way is it's not like me against you and you against me. It's essentially the two of us against the problem. And how can we work together to? You ultimately work through that problem. And I just just my demeanor, my nature, I'm not the most combative. So what I've had to really work on myself is, you know, being more communicative, being more open about if I am feeling something, saying something, speaking up and the communication. Really, I think that that is probably the number one thing is being able to feel so comfortable with your partner that you can communicate about what's going on and they can, you know, receive that and you guys can work towards something. So we've done another thing too, is we've done a ton of self-development as a couple and also as individuals that I think my best advice I could give to any couple. That is, even in the beginning stages, middle stages been with each other long term. Make sure you're doing self-development that could be books that can be conferences that could be YouTube videos. You know, there's a lot of nights where we'll be on the couch for hours, just watching YouTube videos and trying to absorb what we're hearing from from different people. 


Javier [00:05:56] Yeah, brainstorming sessions, they're they're huge. They're huge. And just to go back on kind of like what you do speaking on. Yeah. You know, I we just saw our listeners fight, right? Right. And so you want to make sure that you know you're working to learn, not win. And that's true partnership. There is everything is growth and there's always like a learning from anything that we do. And once again, it's relatable to your professional career, and it's also relating to relatable to your intimate relationships at home. 


Danielle [00:06:26] Absolutely. What the ultimate goal should be growth and growing together. So I think that's also important because there's a lot of couples where maybe once one partner wants to grow and see themselves a ball bivalve and reach another level, and maybe the other partner doesn't or has different views on certain things. So I think we could kind of talk a little bit about being aligned when it comes to your ultimate goals as a couple and also as individuals. Because one of the reasons why I love you so much and we connect so well is, you know, you've always been supportive of everything that I have going on with my career and also my aspirations. But also what I love is we have our own goals that we have together as a couple, and we set those goals as a couple. So maybe we could talk a little bit more about that because I think a lot of people don't don't do that, and it's so important. 


Javier [00:07:14] Okay, so so what are we going to do when diamond delights and some career based discussions or whatever? Whatever I call girl. So let's talk a little bit about what we did. 


Danielle [00:07:24] OK, yeah, let's get. Let's get into it. So something that we do that we take really seriously is at the start of every year, we really kind of put stuff out there and really create a vision board that we look at throughout the year. And on this vision board, there's a combination of stuff that you know, we're really seeing ourselves for our careers are also for our personal lives. I don't have a visual of it because it's from a couple of years ago. But even on my vision board from two years ago, I had an engagement ring on it and marriage. And, you know, it's just really cool to see, you know, as you put stuff out there, as you're working towards it, as every single day you're looking at it, it's getting you step by step that that's that much closer to reaching those goals. 


Javier [00:08:07] You put the wedding ring, you were dropping hints, right? 


Danielle [00:08:09] I was dropping hints. I was dropping a lot of hints there. 


Javier [00:08:12] I picked it up. 


Danielle [00:08:13] Yeah, but but honestly, like, it's really powerful because so this is something that we always did. And this year we haven't got we didn't get a chance to go even though we really wanted to. But for the past couple years, we've always kind of started our year off with the 10x growth con, which is actually this really big conference that is either in Miami or Vegas. That's by Grant, her own Uncle Jeff, Uncle G. And we love this conference because it's usually in January or February, and it really helps kick the year off. And we go to that conference together as a couple. We get to meet and interact with a lot of other people there at that conference, but it also pushes us to rethink what are our goals for the year and how can we shoot higher? 


Javier [00:08:59] Yeah, I mean, you know, and then then once again, you expand your network. Kind of cool. We we had a couple of guests at our wedding that we met at one of the great Caron Tanesco Grove. Cons Right? Absolutely. So, yeah, pretty impactful experience. 


Danielle [00:09:12] It is because when you're surrounded by thousands of people who want to better themselves and their careers and their businesses and their relationships, and they want to 10x what they're doing, it's just such a great energy and you literally leave this conference on a high like we created headstrong after going to the first 10x growth con. Then the next year, we kind of 10x that and we're continuing to 10x that. And let's talk about that really quick because, you know. John, myself with with headstrong, there's a lot of times where you may see me kind of in the forefront when it comes to that, but I'm really excited about 2022 because I think this is the year that we really get to see John in action and also interviewing guests also kind of being more of a pivotal partner in the in the in the company. And he's already got so many ideas. I'm so excited for that. 


Javier [00:10:02] Yeah, I mean, you know, historically, I've kind of played like more of a background position, a lot more visionary, a lot more just a system with some of the content and idea creation and things of that nature. But you know, going forward, you know, it's always this part of the growth plan as well. So every year, we're adding teams layered different things in. And this year, yeah, of course, I'm going to get behind on camera a little bit and you know, I got something to show to our guests as well. 


Danielle [00:10:30] I'm really excited for this because, you know, in this new role that I'm in, which we'll talk a little bit more about our careers, what we're doing. I have the opportunity to interview a lot of different people for four different roles that we have open in the company. And I've learned actually so much for so much about interviewing just from kind of being a fly on the wall or being in the other room. Well, this one is actually interviewing people for his company. So I'm so excited to hear how he's going to interview our guests and really connect with them, and he's got so many ideas. So I'm I'm excited. There's going to be a lot of episodes where the two of us are together, kind of, you know, with with guests or with other couples, maybe it'll be just me. Maybe it'll be just him. It's really going to depend on the guests and the topic and kind of what we see see fit. So really, really excited about that. 


Javier [00:11:14] Yep, 100 percent. 


Danielle [00:11:16] Yeah. So let's talk about another thing that is a really, really big deal that happened to us in twenty twenty one. I don't know if you guys knew this, but we literally moved across the country. We went from being Miami. People like Miami was going to be the place that we were going to buy it. We were literally going to be buying a condo. You know, we were getting married by condo. All of that. And then literally out of nowhere, we are moving across the country. Can you kind of explain to our audience what happened with that and why this opportunity we could not pass up? 


Javier [00:11:48] Yeah, so pretty exciting. There was a career opportunity came up. So first of all, everyone. Yeah. And then my previous company, I've been there just about five years. And you know, everything's were going good. I really, you know, kind of built my reputation there, worked with a lot of great people. I won a couple awards trips. I think I got sent to Cancun and in Cabo. Yeah, really cool. And so like I said once again, I was really in a good spot professionally. But just as we know, I leverage the power LinkedIn. Daniels wrote a book about it during 2020, by the way. Something awesome you guys to check out looking for any growth and development professionally. But anyways, I end up getting recruited by another company, and as I started engaging in conversations with this company, I just kept getting more and more intrigued and like, We're researching like crazy watching YouTube videos. We're on Google trying to find out every detail I can about this organization. And as I'm doing this, actually, I really founded their values to align with my own personal values. And so I knew it was a place that I wanted to be. And initially, the opportunity was going to be in Miami, Florida. Like where we live, land rights is great. And then there was like a curveball. I quickly and they're like, Hey, Miami is no longer available, but we've got like a couple of other options or opportunities if you're interested. And as we continue to go to the process, a job offer did come and it happened to be here. San Diego, California. 


Danielle [00:13:28] Yeah, and honestly, like we had never had a move like that, I mean, so he's had the opportunity in a lot of different bit by different companies that he's worked for, he's had to be relocated a lot of times because he's being promoted, which is pretty awesome. But he's getting moved around around the country. But me, I have always when it comes to work, I've always been in one place and as far as living, I've only lived in the state of Florida for majority of my life. I moved to Florida when I was 10, so I don't really count moving from New York to Florida. So literally for me, it was a way bigger adjustment than it was for him. And you know, how quickly did we turn that around? Maybe like three weeks, literally from decision of, Hey, we're moving to San Diego to actually being here. 


Javier [00:14:10] There's a three week turnaround. It was it was pretty hectic, you know? And by the way, guys, this is what like four months before our wedding, five months. Well, yeah, it was like five, four or five months before our wedding. So we've got that layered in on top of that. So there's still the whole wedding planning. Then we've got to like readjust Aladdin's plane tickets. There's additional expenses and such to go into that because, you know, we were getting married, we got married in Miami and that's where we were stationed. And so then, you know, you come across country to San Diego, we're having to book additional flights because, you know, Daniel's got certain things within the wedding planning with her dress, et cetera. You know how it goes 


Danielle [00:14:49] up and even coming out here to try to figure out where we're going to live? Yeah. Like when you're moving across the country, there's only so much time you have to kind of scout and look around and we, you know, talk to them about like how we even decided on this beautiful place. 


Javier [00:15:02] Yeah, it was crazy. So we did like one house hunting trip and we came out and literally we both had our current jobs and we didn't have a lot of time. And we literally flew out like on a Friday evening because on Friday evening, we we made the San Diego and we had literally Saturday. We took the entire day and we were trying to like cram in a bunch of different locations. Yeah, we were trying to like, literally explore the city in a day. Of course, we leverage YouTube, and we looked at multiple videos that are posted to the city. So we kind of had a general idea of some of the areas we want to look at. But then you get to find like somewhere to stay within that process, too. So we come to San Diego, we spend an entire day and we look at like all these places. We had research previously. And then Sunday, we're going to be heading back to Miami. Well, then the the day we had a recap and then we decided that we didn't like any of these places to like and 


Danielle [00:15:59] for what we were going to be getting from like a square footage standpoint in the price point. Let's talk about that for a little bit. Wow. Is it different to live in California than to live in Florida? This is before Florida now being crazy, too. But honestly, like twice as much, almost when it comes to living out in California. So we had to kind of change our mindset around like what we were wanting to have and everything. We had to make some adjustments there. But luckily we still ended up in a beautiful location. But guys, we picked this corner unit of this beautiful new building without ever setting foot in it beforehand. We literally leveraged technology. And what's his name, Daniel? He sent us videos and you know, you really like, ran the play on that one? 


Javier [00:16:41] No, it is. I think it's important that you know you live somewhere where you're comfortable, especially for Danielle. You know, she's never lived outside of Florida, so just happen since it's merited, et cetera, like you want to make sure it's somewhere that you're comfortable living in. I'd say it's very comparable to our previous residence, but that the systems do. We have virtually was huge. I mean, they're literally like they'll go to any unit for its duration videos, every nook and cranny. If we ask them to go double back for us like there are more than happy. And I think just that customer service piece and then obviously knowing that the place was brand new, it just really helped us align. So this is where we want to be 


Danielle [00:17:24] 100 percent because, you know, a lot of that whole moving experience, I was really trying to, you know, make it as easy as possible for him because I know that he was starting a new gig and trying to figure out all of that, and it was a lot going on. So what I was really looking for from the buildings that we were interacting with was how was a follow up game? Are they actually responding to us or what we're calling them trying to get updates? Are they actually responding? It was terrible. And for so many of the buildings that we looked at that we may have liked, the customer service was just so piss poor that we had to just throw them out the window because they didn't take it serious that we were literally moving across the country. They were thinking like, Oh, these people could just, you know, come by any any day to look at something, know, like we literally had to have all the timing and all the planning be perfect because of the cross-country move and facilitating that. So this building did a really great job there. One other thing that I'll say that is another reason why we picked this specific location was we really wanted to be in a high rise condo because we had that in Miami. We really wanted a pretty view. We want it to be modern, so this this is great for that, so I'm really thankful that we ended up with this with this one. 


Javier [00:18:35] I'm good to go. She's happy. I'm happy. This is a good take. 


Danielle [00:18:39] Safety is also a big thing, big thing. And we were looking at, you know, where to stay because there's definitely the homeless. And you know, what's going on around here is a lot different than what we experienced in Miami. So we wanted to make sure that we had, you know, guarded gates and, you know, fob access and all of these things that, you know, make it why we're paying, you know, the money we're paying is because of all of the safety and things that we're at and 


Javier [00:19:03] guard dogs at the front of the building, right? 


Danielle [00:19:06] No, no. 


Javier [00:19:09] But speaking of dogs, we have a dog as well, so it need to be dog friendly and we want to make sure that there was just enough room for him. He's a little guy is like 10 pounds. Yeah, I cut him and he'll make an appearance sometime. But yeah, so we have to have a place where the dog can kind of run around just enough. He doesn't need a lot, but he does need a little bit of space. And then obviously, we wanted to make sure that there was some type of amenities included where we could bring our dog in case we did more like a walk to the city on a day to day. So we do have like a little small dog park, if you will. And I mean, he loves it like this dude is like and everyone is here 


Danielle [00:19:45] he is is. It's definitely exciting for him to finally be in a place where it's so dog friendly. And, you know, he definitely, really, really loves that. 


Javier [00:19:53] Yeah, we got to get him to the dog beach next. 


Danielle [00:19:56] Because that's another thing in Miami, the beaches are not dog like. You can't bring your dogs on the beach in here. That's pretty much normal. People bring their dogs all the time, so we'll definitely keep you posted on that one. 


Javier [00:20:06] Yeah, absolutely. 


Danielle [00:20:07] Well, let's kind of change gears here. I want to kind of dove into kind of how do we balance these, you know, high pressure, high demanding jobs while we are still, you know, being a couple working together, we have business like how do we balance it all? I think that would be really cool for people to learn about and also better understand, you know what we actually do. 


Javier [00:20:29] Yes, I guess prior to jumping into like how we balance and like, how do we kind of make things work like maybe give people or give our guest snapshots, not just of what we would do on a day to day? 


Danielle [00:20:42] Yeah, you want to go first. When we look first 


Javier [00:20:44] ladies first, how would you take it? 


Danielle [00:20:46] All right. So other than being the CEO and founder of Headstrong, which is our company, which is a mindset mentoring company where we help people research potential with their mind, we also have a career services company where we help people level up in their career, whether it be to be promoted, to get recruited to reach their best. So with that, we're speaking with different companies and organizations. You know, a lot of it is virtual, but now with, you know, everything changing, it's going to be a lot more impersonal, more speaking. But outside of that, in the day to day world, I actually work for a really cool fintech startup which is now public named Upstart. And what's really cool about Upstart is they basically allow people who would typically not have the opportunity to have a good approval rate because maybe they have challenged credit. Or maybe they've, you know, experienced some experience, some hardships in their life. And typically banks and institutions would give them very poor ratings. Company like Upstart is going to look at not only their FICO Score to give them a approval, but they're going to look at twenty seven other factors and they're going to use AI to determine, is this person going to, you know, pay their loan back and be a good borrower? And ultimately, what I love about Upstart and what they're doing is they're giving people opportunity that wouldn't have had opportunity. So I'm a part of that company, but I'm part of the auto retail division of Upstart, which is essentially where we are partnering with dealerships and helping dealerships give customers a better experience, help them sell cars online, but also get more people approved that wouldn't typically be approved. So within that, I'm a new manager overseeing a team of people overseeing, overseeing essentially a team of account managers that are traveling across the country working with dealerships, helping them implement their processes and do this on a day to day. So you look at it kind of high level, high level fintech startup, really cool. Really exciting. I love that I get the opportunity to really work from anywhere because of this. And yeah, that's kind of my mind in a nutshell. Nice. How about you? I'm excited to get your, you know, thirty three thousand foot view of what you do because it's so cool when I try to explain it to people. But they're always like, really like, tell me more and I always botch it. So I'm excited for you to Typekit. 


Javier [00:22:59] So we've got to work on an elevator pitch, right? 


Danielle [00:23:01] Yeah, it's so much. 


Javier [00:23:03] Yeah. So yeah, I work in the tech industry as well, and I work with the company where pretty much we does our companies design and ecosystem. That's really about bringing the world to your block. So we take like vacant parking lots and real estate, and we put mobile vessels there and we pretty much we we it's all about mobility and. Bringing making our product more accessible to the consumers, so as an example, suppose you've got like, you know, 10 condo buildings in this particular area of the city and there's a vacant parking lot. Our company may put like a mobile vessel, like a food truck or a mobile trailer, and they're pretty nice and modern, like some of the best technology. Best kitchen equipment, et cetera. And we partner with brands like Wendy's, Burger King, Popeyes, just to name a couple. And so we pretty much we put these brands in proximity to the people. And then we also have ghost retail. It's ghost kitchens, ghost retail. 


Danielle [00:24:13] What's a Ghost Kitchen, Ghost Kitchen? 


Javier [00:24:15] I kind of what I just explained. So essentially like if you got like Wendy's is, let's say, in San Diego where we're at. There's no Wendy's in this part of town, and we can't identify that on a map or grid. We could then put a Wendy's in this particular area of the city and then we we service our customers to the delivery platform. So Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, et cetera. And then that's our connectivity to the customer. So it's all virtual. And then we also we do mobile charging, car charging, we've got parking security, we do mobile health care. There's multiple different ventures that we do. And then within this whole scope, I'm a regional director, so I support the pretty much the entire state of California, spoke out and work out and work with a team of folks where we pretty much we have launched these new business initiatives and we set it up and then we hand it off to our operating team and that's kind of their day to day pass that. But in terms of getting my business licensing or any requirements within that particular city or county that's needed my team, we take care of that piece of the business. 


Danielle [00:25:32] Wow, there's a lot with that. It's super cool. What was that company called reef technology? OK, so I'll make sure people know what it is to be on the lookout for that. It's going to be all over the place. You'll start seeing it everywhere. Yeah. And, you know, kind of go back to like, how do we balance all of this? It's crazy because when we first started dating and neither of us worked in tech. I was actually a real estate agent. I was doing open houses when I met John. I was literally calling him at times when I was at an open house and it was slow and kind of giving him like, Oh, this is what's going on. And I was doing that, and he was at the time, you know, doing we were Comcast at the time, right? 


Javier [00:26:13] Comcast is going to be correct. 


Danielle [00:26:14] Yeah. So it's like, I think it's so cool that, you know, we've come so far and now we're both in and tech companies working in that space because we both know that like tech is the future, this is where everything is moving. And it's just really awesome to be at two different companies that have two different visions, two different thought plans of what they're doing, but have so many similarities in the systems that they're using or the terminology that they're speaking of or just in general. So I think that we've actually come together a lot more as of recent with this, you know, with his new role and then also with my new role, we've actually done a ton of collaborating because we actually can speak each other's language now 


Javier [00:26:53] 100 percent or I think we were always able to speak each other's language. I think there's just some additional commonalities there where we can support one another because I consider some, some some commonalities or similarities in what she does that I do within our companies and the vision. So you're talking about both was working for disruptors. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And so we're kind of we like that we're there shaking up a particular industry, but they're shaking enough for the good. And I think that's what we really support. We got to build a world is going to be here for the next 50 to 100 years versus having too much respect for the past. You got to respect history, but you also got to understand where we're headed and that's why we are aligned with the companies were with. 


Danielle [00:27:36] Absolutely. You know, we put some notices out there kind of asking the public, you know, some questions for us, some things that they kind of want to hear his answer. And, you know, a lot of people talked about, you know, how do you guys how are you guys such as strong like power couple? How do you work towards a common goal? And you know, I find it really cool that with us both having, you know, pretty substantial roles in our companies and working together, we have to compromise a lot and also be on the same page because, you know, now with us both essentially working from home and being in a shared environment, there has to be that level of support with one another and also to understand that, you know, we're both working for a huge goal and there are times where maybe he'll maybe have to work more than me or I'll have to work more than him. And just having that understanding is really important. 


Javier [00:28:27] Yeah, 100 percent. And there's a certain level of respect there, but then, you know, two to balance. And so I think planning is something that's really, really important. And then having like open lines of communication about what our week and our days look like, so it helps. Danielle, as you know, she's got meetings, she's booked from, you know, 12 to five. I know that that's uninterrupted time where she's going to probably be in her office. And then, you know, the same goes on my end. She knows what my schedule looks like through the day. Obviously, at a high level, we can understand when one another is busy. And then I think there's like there's that partnership and support as well. So if she sees me like scrambling meetings, I'm husband and bustling and she's got a window of time to like, make lunch. She's really doesn't make lunches for herself. She's going to make lunch for the both of us. And you know, I just sent me a text like, Hey, there's food in the microwave for you or vice versa. I did the same, right? And so it's about supporting each other. And then, like I said, having respected one other schedule and then not only planning our work schedules but also planning our personal schedule as well. And we share that calendar so that we can be along with one another. 


Danielle [00:29:35] Yeah, I really agree with that. And I think it's just so cool. Like one thing that's really helped us is that zoom background or the best background in the blur. Maybe he's using. He's using teams a lot to like just being able to kind of blurt out your background for a second so somebody can kind of get by, get what they need. And you know, that way it doesn't interrupt the meeting or anything because, you know, ultimately we were in a beautiful space, but it's not the largest space in the world, and we know my office is actually in the second bedroom. His office is kind of here where we are a little bit, 


Javier [00:30:07] so I have no office. I got a I got a small section of the living room. 


Danielle [00:30:13] Well, that is true. It's a small section of the living room. But even though you have that, you do have the better view and ambiance. But the reason why you got this is because I ended up getting the nicer closet. 


Javier [00:30:24] Is that what it was? That's what it was. The more you needed more space. 


Danielle [00:30:27] Compromise. Yeah, comfort complex, for sure. But for me, this has been amazing because throughout my relationship with Joe, he's always had to go somewhere. He's always had to, you know, be at a physical location. And a lot of times, you know, because of working in, you know, high level retail management or other fields, the hours of the day were insane. And, you know, as much as I was being supportive and being. A compromising partner at times, I would be little bit sad because I would have, you know, dinner already like at six or seven o'clock, and he may not even come home until 10 o'clock, and it's always like a let me just reheated and we don't get to eat together or be together. But I'm proud of those moments because it took a lot of work and grind and sweat and tears to get to this point where now our schedules are a lot more aligned from the sense of, you know, we're both working from home. He's covering, you know, the West Coast where I'm covering the east and central. So I do finish before he does. But at least from a normal life standpoint, we know that by at least six or 6:30 Pacific Time, we're both going to be for sure done with work and we can then do our thing. 


Javier [00:31:39] Sometimes, I mean, there's there's there's days when I still have to get into the field late and I don't know. I think I have a true connection to the field and to like the the frontline of the industry in the industry is that's that's really how that's what gave me my start professionally. And so there's a big piece of me that's always connected to the people that are kind of in that same same journey. And I just I don't know, like, I don't know, it's probably where I go a little bit overboard. I do like to support the people that are kind of at the frontline getting that job done on a day to day. And I'm a coach. And so it's like the job. There's times when it requires you to do this much. And then I may kind of take it a notch ahead there. So I really want to support people because I know I know that was when somebody did that same thing for me. 


Danielle [00:32:28] Yeah. And that's kind of one of the reasons why I had so much success is you always have a pulse of what's going on. And I think that that's probably the toughest thing as you level up in your career or anybody who's at a high level is to really know what's going on on the front lines or really be tapped in to be tapped in enough. Not so much fear in the weeds, but tapped in enough to be able to connect with what is going on or being able to have a pulse, which I think is really powerful. I know our audience is probably going to be really curious, like how have we been able to kind of level up to get to this point to really take where we started from and get here? And we're really excited. We have some really, really cool things on the way of kind of getting into this more, but I think we can definitely kind of touch on it lightly of like what are some ways that our audience can worsen things our audience can do right now to kind of help them reach their goals, whether it be in their careers, in their fitness and their relationships and in their lives. 


Javier [00:33:26] And so I think now we're going to start doing this more of that mindset, right? And I think, you know, it's really, you know, you got to start making commitments and then you build on those commitments. So it's like a stairwell, right? You're going to like take a step at a time. So I guess I'm like, this is, you know, like you take a step at a time, right, and eventually you get to the top of the stairwell and then, you know, people can understand, like in that journey, there's times when you might stay stagnant or you might take a step back, take a step back and take like take like two forward. You know, but you don't want to keep doing the backwards forward. Sydney, just like I don't know. 


Danielle [00:34:09] I think we should talk and talk to them about the chuck. That whole concept that he has about. You always said he talked to you about how you know, you can you can fall off, but don't fall too much or you always told me about that one. 


Javier [00:34:26] Yeah, I think yeah, yeah, an interesting story that I heard from a mentor of mine. He's no longer with this guy. Rest his soul. But Chuck Glover, he's a talk about how, you know, his mom, she she lost a lot of weight over a span of time. I can't remember exactly whether it was a year to have you, but he has. I can't get into the meat and potatoes. There was times there were like she, I guess she focused on a really healthy diet, completely A6, whatever she was doing, changing of how she a.. But then there was a challenge or struggle there where she'd sometimes have like a bad day, a bad week, bad month. I think I did a LinkedIn video and I would go, That's a good one. But essentially, like, you can't like you can't harbor on that bad day, that bad week or that bad month, you got to accept it for what it is. Shake it off in like insanely fast, which like you get that gear and keep going forward. And that's where I think a lot of people sometimes like they may lose the game. Or, you know, conversely, for people that are winning the game, they understand that it's like an NFL quarterback. You have a short term memory, 


Danielle [00:35:40] you absolutely have this. You have to have a short term memory when you're trying to to level up because there's always going to be an obstacle. There's always going to be some adversity that's going to be thrown at you. That is actually, I feel like a prerequisite of reaching your next goal because you're always going to be tested. And instead of using that test or that adversity or that obstacle to kind of knock you down and be like complain and give excuses of why it's not right, that should be your your signal in your mind of like, Oh, this is what's coming like, I know that I'm being thrown this stuff at me because I'm about to hit a new gear later. I'm on a new level and kind of push through that. So that always gets me excited because, you know, for me, what I do kind of an aside, I do a lot of speaking, a lot of engagements and stuff. And still, to this day, you know, when I'm offered to speak in front of a big crowd or a big company, I still have that gut feeling inside, like, should I accept this? But I have to have to accept it because I know it's going to push me to be even better. So I'm excited because I just got recently some opportunities like that, and I'm like another opportunity to push through, and it just makes me feel like I'm moving in the right direction. I know for us that's really powerful. 


Javier [00:36:53] Yeah, yeah. We don't ever want to stay stagnant. No. There's always something you got to challenge yourself to, right? Yeah. So it's like if you buy yourself instead of being stagnant, like you got to quickly identify that and then put a plan in place to start generating or stimulating some growth. 


Danielle [00:37:10] Absolutely. But just so you guys know that are listening, that's not normal. Most people don't do that. Most people are not trying to level up or grow or be the best that they can be and what they're doing. Most people are OK with just being OK, OK, with just being average. That is majority of people. But that's OK, right? That's OK. If you just want to stay, stay where you are. Do a good job with what you're doing and kind of just stay. That is fine. Yeah. But who we're speaking to and who we really want to connect with are those people who really see themselves bigger than they are now or they see themselves impacting people more than they could ever think of. We want to help those people because we really resonate with that. We always want to push to be better and we always want to shoot for more. We won't stop until we keep going and there is no limit. That's why I love this life, because there's no limits on what we can do. 


Javier [00:37:59] It's limitless. 


Danielle [00:38:00] Absolutely. So I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited for what's to come. I think that we're kind of giving you a mini teaser kind of what we're going to be talking about in some upcoming projects where the two of us are going to be working together to really help people reach their goals and their potential in all areas of their lives. So I'm really excited about that. You're excited to get top. 


Javier [00:38:22] You know, I think it's something we we get a lot of practice with on a day to day regardless. And you know, we we've been doing some things even in the background that we we're not ready to divulge yet, but 100 percent, there's some really cool things coming later on this year. 


Danielle [00:38:38] Yeah, I mean, to kind of kind of wrap up, you know, the discussion today, I think it'd be really powerful to kind of leave our guests with something that they can take with this upcoming week and really apply it. Do you have any last minute tip? I know I'll give my many last minute tip or advice that you'd give our guests to take so that they can go into this next week and hit it with a bang. 


Javier [00:38:58] Yeah. So I think I mentioned earlier a little bit of like some of my own principles of probability and repetition. And so, you know, I think it's the repetition piece is like no matter what you're doing and make sure you don't practice like you got to practice, practice, practice, like that's your your repetition. And then the probability there, you know, you're going to give yourself more opportunities to reach success by just in flipping those cards and increasing those repetitions and reps. So give yourself an opportunity to win, be yourself an opportunity to be great. But it starts with getting the repetitions and then it's going to increase your probability of success. 


Danielle [00:39:44] I love that. I love the idea of reps and continuing to do and do and do because, you know, coming from us having sports background like that is how you when you got to put the practice in, you got to put the reps in to get what you want to get. OK, so one thing that I'll leave everybody with before we get into a since we're about to start off a new week and started off strong is never underestimate the investment that you put in yourself. Make sure that you are, you know, trying to better and grow yourself, whether it be with a book that you're reading with a conference, you're going to attend with a webinar you're going to sign up for with a YouTube video you're going to watch. There's always something small that you can do to better yourself. So that way you can be the best person that you can be the best partner, that you can have the best employee to your job in all areas, like be the best version of you and you will reap all of the benefits. So we'll leave you guys with that one. Yeah, you think we did something good today? Here's some great. This was awesome. Well, we appreciate you guys all listening. Stay tuned for stuff that's coming. Thank you. This has been awesome. 


Javier [00:40:51] I enjoyed. Appreciate it. Love you, too. Bye. Peace.