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Fit and Fabulous at Any Age- with Guest Gail Gensler

Gail Gensler is a very proud 59 year old woman who is taking Miami by a storm with her Dynamic Fitness workouts, and her larger than life positive energy.
Through my discussion with Gail we talk about how her passion for fitness has positively impacted her life. The reason we need to mention Gail's age is because if you saw her in the gym, or next to you in a workout class she would give any 20 year old run for their money.
Gail is a phenomenal Boxer who has been working our consistently for years.

When I first met Gail I was immediately drawn to her Positive energy and her Go Getter Attitude.

She is a blogger for different fitness companies like Century Kick boxing, and she also is a Brand Ambassador for many local Miami fitness brands like Be_Sportik.

We also discuss the power of living an intentional life, and why it is so important to live every moment in the present.

Gail is an inspiration to many, and I know she will leave you feeling great today!

Our Outfits in this Video are Sponsored by Be_Sportik

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IG- @boxingprincess22
email - gailgensler@gmail.com
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