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HEADSTRONG Podcast |Champion's Mindset with Professional Tennis Player Donald Young & Danielle Mills

This week Danielle got a chance to sit down with Professional Tennis Player Donald Young. The Episode was recorded on 08/13 which was actually National Left handed Person Day as both Danielle & Donald are Lefties.

We learned all about how Donald started playing tennis & how his mindset and upbringing from his Parents really shaped him into the Champion that he is today.

We also talked a lot about what it is like to be a Professional Tennis player & some of the misconceptions.

Danielle first met Donald at IMG Nick Bolliettieri Tennis Academy in 2002 as they were both training there at the time.

As an African American who was so dominant and successful in the sport she really looked up to him & the impact he made on Junior tennis being the #1 Junior Player in the World, and then Professional tennis reaching a career high ranking of 38 in the world.

Donald founded a Company called YIM meaning Young In Motion as a way to give back to the community & give kids the opportunity to stay active. He loves being able to motivate and inspire kids.

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